Paulinho Garcia

Brazilian born singer/guitarist based in Los Angeles, CA. 

with 20 recordings under his name, a world touring musician with 55+ years of music, Paulinho performs regularly in many prestigious jazz festivals such as the North Sea jazz festival in Holland, Elite and Fujitsu jazz festivals in Japan, Singapore jazz festival, The Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, Jazz w museum and Jazz nad Odrq in Poland, Central Pennsylvania friends of jazz, Newport Beach jazz fest, Sarasota jazz fest, many Jazz Cruises and Jazz Party At Sea appearances just to mention a few.

As an Educator, he have given workshops and performances at many prestigious universities such as Northwestern, Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Cornell, Hope College, and more. In 2009-2010 I taught in Russia at the Moscow College of Improvised Music and gave live workshops on TV for the entire Russian Federation.
I taught Brazilian guitar and vocals at Old Town School of folk music for more than 14 years and, still, coach a Brazilian combo at Roosevelt University, where I have developed a unique method to teach the Brazilian music idiom to instrumentalists and vocalists.

Best Brazilian International Vocalist – 2012 by The Brazilian Press Award         Chicagoan of the year in jazz – 2010 by The Chicago Tribune
Brazilian person of the year – 2010 by The Brazil Club
Chicago’s best jazz entertainer – 2001 by The Chicago Music Awards 

“Garcia provides constant evidence of his mastery of the art of the Brazilian song. Endlessly inventive with styles, Garcia is an innovative composer with a firmly rooted tradition.” Dave Miele (Jazz Improv magazine, New York) May 2009 

“…He becomes the epitome of the solitary troubadour – a romantic figure hardly visible anymore even in Brazil, where, like everywhere else, popular music has grown busier, louder, and rougher. Garcia’s voice, an airy baritone, has less shadow and a bit more energy than Joao Gilberto’s and his languid chords and cleanly plucked lines illuminate the complicated rhythms with the cool clarity of moonlight… ” Neil Tesser jazz journalist and author of “The Playboy Guide To Jazz” 

“Paulinho Garcia phrases with something bordering on genius and plays a wonderful guitar.” Raul Da Gama (World Music Report)

“No language barrier when it comes to love – Paulinho translates the emotion beautifully.” Bob Morello (Post-Gazette, Boston)

“The world of music needs more understated, beautiful music from the likes of Paulinho Garcia. There are far too many shouters, overly-loud musicians who all seem to be attempting to out-perform each other… I love nothing more than to hear someone like him, a breath of fresh air…” Ray Alexander (UMFM, Winnipeg, Canada)

“Music that makes you take a deep sigh…” Marc Myers (Jazz Wax)

“I have been a longtime fan of Paulinho and his music, whether listening to or performing alongside him. This quiet peaceful solo setting invites us to be embraced by his sensitivity and musical depth…” Jeff Hamilton (multi awarded Best Jazz Drummer”

“It’s like really hearing the lyrics for the first time, with simply beautiful vocal interpretations and guitar accompaniments….” Gene Bertoncini (L.A. jazz musician)

“Paulinho’s music is very close, personal, intimate… It captured the beauty of simplicity….” John Clayton (L.A. Jazz Musician)

“So many of my favorite tunes performed with great eloquence and sensitivity, an outstanding set of performance…”. Mike Metheny (Jazz Musician)

“Romance is alive and well – through this album — that’s what’s refreshing, too! “When I Fall in Love” is tender — that’s what’s been missing in all the other ‘over-produced,’ ‘cluttered’ albums we hear these days! – a quiet symphony tiptoeing into your heart! …” Edy Toussainte | music therapist (about Beautiful Love recording)

“Serene. Sweet. Bewitching.” Esther Berlanga-Ryan (

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